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Complaints Procedure


A copy of each of the Trust School’s Parental Complaints Policy can be found on the individual school’s websites. The schools all follow the same procedures for dealing with parental complaints, please see the Trust procedure below. 

Aims of the Trust schools with regard to complaints:

  • The schools have long prided themselves on the quality of teaching and pastoral care that they provided for the pupils.
  • The schools welcome suggestions and comments from parents*, and aims to deal appropriately with any concerns that parents may raise. If, as parents, you have concerns, we would rather hear them as soon as possible. If in doubt, please contact the school as we are here to help. We aim to respond promptly and in a courteous and efficient way, in accordance with this policy.
  • It is hoped that most concerns will be resolved quickly and informally. It is best to start by contacting the member of staff most closely connected with the issue.
  • References to written communication include email, but do not include any other forms of electronic communication (social media, text messages, etc.)
  • All concerns or complaints will be treated seriously and, where appropriate, in confidence.

* References to ‘parents’ in this policy relates to parents of current pupils and includes ‘carers’ and ‘guardians’ of current pupils. This complaints procedure only applies to past pupils if the complaint was initially raised when the pupil was still registered with the school.

For further information on the procedure, please see the document below or visit the school websites.