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About Us

The aim of the Cothill Trust is to deliver excellent academic teaching, character development and pastoral care, while maintaining the best traditions of a British preparatory school education, whether in a day or boarding context. The Trust achieves this through the sharing of best professional practices, the adoption of new ideas and educational standards and the realising of financial efficiencies across its member schools.

The Cothill Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees who delegate management responsibility to the Executive Officer, the  Chief Executive,  who leads the strategic development of the Trust and supports the Heads of each individual school.  All schools are centrally supported by Head Office but are free to retain their own individuality and ethos.

Each member school has a Local Advisory Group (LAG) which supports the Head and the teaching staff through the consideration and testing of ideas for the school’s best management and service to parents and pupils. Each LAG, made up of a Trustee, the Chief Executive, the Head and parents, meets regularly throughout the year and serves as an important communications channel between the Board of Trustees, the school and the parent community.