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Year 8 trip to Italy

All of the children in Year 8 were in excellent form during our trip to Italy and very good company. There was plenty of laughter,  a great deal learnt and some really fantastic memories created.

So: they experienced crowded Neopolitan trains, climbed with verve up Vesuvius - and the view was clear and beautiful; played hide and seek in the tunnels under the Puzzuoli amphitheatre; gawped at the vastness of Pompeii; explored Herculaneum - but failed to discover the skeletons; swam and dived in the pool and made a sterling effort to talk with Italian children; ate pizza, pasta and chips, drank iced tea and lemon soda, and found a wonderful gelataria, anguishing over choices of flavours.

We were sad to leave but I'm sure some of the pupils will return in the future.