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'The Dream Stone' Book

 Meriel Park, a Year 4 pupil from Kitebrook Preparatory School has published a book together with her carer,  Anna-Marie, to raise awareness of her condition, Nemaline Myopathy. 

‘The Dream Stone’ is a fictional tale about Sam, the Dream Stone and his best friend, Meriel.  Inspired by real events during Meriel’s Dream Stone Triathlon (which was supported by Mr Kruze, a Teacher who cycled 170 miles from Kitebrook to Mount Snowdon) and her other valued personal experiences while living with the condition, the book is written in a fun and imaginative manner. Illustrations are by Meriel and her elder brother, Miles and include photographs taken by Team Map Nemaline.  All royalties from the book go to MAP Nemaline Fund, a ring-fenced fund for research into Nemaline Myopathy within Muscular Dystrophy UK Charity. Please visit their website for further information about Meriel’s Dream Stone Triathlon, MAP Nemaline, Meriel’s other fundraising efforts and to purchase copies of the book.