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Year 6 Perform the Merchant of Venice

Shakespeare is a challenge to be embraced at any age. The Merchant of Venice, our third play by the Bard in recent years, is classed as a comedy but there are many themes within it which are clearly not funny at all. However, the plot is clever, gripping and dynamic - perfect ingredients for this year's Year 6.

The production process began way back in November with auditions and casting, seeking out potential and adjusting scenes accordingly. The play was then modernised appropriately and some artistic license added, although significant lines were kept original.

Rehearsals have been energetic, focused and great fun. The strength of the process is in watching a year group become a company, taking ownership and rising to the group challenge - to produce the best work of drama they have ever been involved in and achieve a level beyond their best. All plays have a natural hierarchy but a major aim was to see the product as the sum of 40 something parts not simply a string of principals. Pupils have not only been on stage,  several work as ‘Crew’, helped Mrs Lewis with the costuming, and all participated in stage design and manufacture under the guidance of Mrs Brown and the Art Department.