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A Trip to Sulgrave Manor

Our Year 6's enjoyed a trip to Sulgrave Manor as part of their work on the Stuarts.


On a cool November morning the our Year 6 Pupils arrived at school in their finest Civil War Clothing. The Year 2 courtyard was awash with colour as the Royalist supporters dressed in their most daring of colours. Supported by the Puritan teachers, all of the children got on the motorised horseless carriage to make the short journey to Sulgrave Manor. We arrived and were regaled with the story of the English Civil War. The morning was spent exploring Sulgrave Manor. We practiced our handling of a musket and learnt how to make potions to solve allsorts of ills. After a trip to the kitchen it was time for lunch, which was a delicious feast inspired by the Earl of Sandwich himself and then we were ready for an exciting afternoon. There were a number of different activities that all of the children took part in throughout the afternoon. We started with a Pike Drill to prepare for any attack. We learnt how to hold, shoulder and attack with our pike. We were also shown how to sword fight and we played some brilliant Stuart Games. Who knew trying to catch a ball in a cup would be so much fun? After a visit to the shop to buy our souvenirs we were ready for the journey back to school.