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Big Boarding Weekend!

All our children were welcomed to try out boarding life.

Over the weekend we pitched tents for 67 children to camp out in the grounds at Ashdown. We had a few first timers, some had never even stayed a night away from home.

The children enjoyed spending time with their friends, which the children tell us is the most fantastic thing about boarding. The children played on the 'Patch', toasted some marshmallows around the camp fire and had some epic games of Capture the Flag. The fun didn't stop as it got dark, with a game of Spotlight Tag, a fantastic game to play with a big group of children. The children loved it, despite it being a game of stealth some of them managed to get up from the Pavilion VERY quickly!

As 10pm approached we calmed down and as midnight came round the tents eventually went quiet.

On Sunday, the children headed to chapel, refuelled at lunch with George Duarte's legendary Sunday lunch and then, somehow, had the energy to play on the patch, whether in the nets, playing football or just chatting with their friends. It was a lovely end to a busy weekend and a great way for so many children to get together and experience life boarding at Ashdown. Thank you for taking part.