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Detectives at Ashdown!

There were some funny goings on at Ashdown, but the children got to the bottom of it with some great detective work!

With 25 suspects to interview and numerous clues to discount (or not), Inspector Mason needed all the help he could get to solve the mystery of the stolen Dodecadiamond.

By decoding brain melting cryptograms with ciphers, the 1s uncovered a crime ring who may have been involved….or not. The 3s used bearings and compasses to hunt for the thief before searching an abandoned car for evidence. A number of suspects were interviewed by the 4s in order to determine alibis for the time of the crime and the 5s spent the day in the forensics lab.

With the evidence in front of them, the children worked in Patrol groups with the Rhinos solving the crime in the end and Mr (H) de Moraville revealed as the villain of the piece!