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Ashdown House

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  • Narnia comes to Ashdown...

    Published 25/11/17

    The 1's took us on a tour of the magical world of Narnia

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  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff...ish!

    Published 24/11/17

    Who's afraid of the nasty Troll? Not our Billy Goats!

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  • Dancing on Ice.

    Published 19/11/17

    A day on the ice for our boarders.

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  • Walk to the Airman's Grave

    Published 16/11/17

    Our annual walk to the Airman's Grave saw the whole Ashdown community walking the impressive 8.5 mile walk.

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  • The 1's Go to Dorset!

    Published 13/10/17

    A great time was had by all when the 1s went to Dorset; lots of fresh air, fun and Geography study of course!

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  • Detectives at Ashdown!

    Published 06/10/17

    There were some funny goings on at Ashdown, but the children got to the bottom of it with some great detective work!

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