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We are thrilled to announce Mowden Hall school has been awarded ‘Champion School’ status by the Accelerated Reader programme launched by Renaissance.

Accelerated Reader was very much the missing link in our holistic educational picture and we embarked upon implementation 2 years ago. To create a positive ethos surrounding all types of reading was critical for us to complement the academic, sporting and extra-curricular selves of our pupils. We have closely tracked key data points from AR and have seen, across the school as a whole, a huge change between the chronological age and the reading age of our pupils. The knock on effects of this can be felt across the whole curriculum, as the language the pupils can decode and utilise, has broadened. There has also been a noticeable shift in tests, such as Verbal Reasoning and Progress in English, which reflects this very real improvement in reading skills. Most critically, the pupils have a new found love of the written word, something which sits at the core of all education. The pupils can now be heard talking about books and recommending books to each other– all of which is pupil led and the momentum behind AR has definitely shifted from being a process that the Staff delivered to the Pupils to a process which is self-propelling and happening from the ground up. The technical support from Renaissance Learning has been second-to-none and has really helped us to make the most of the system’s diagnostic tools. AR is now a key element of our whole school and individual pupil tracking, something which will undoubtedly help during Inspection.

The successful crime author L J Ross will be presenting the award on 4th March.