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'Come Whine with Me'

…where the worst food doth win the prize.

Year 7’s Panto season production took on the themes of TV Cookery Competitions mixed with unsavoury characters drawn from children’s literature using fairy tale and horror story characters. As the teams prepared their diabolical recipes, a band of bikers entered the fray pursuing their dream of a full fat English Breakfast to be available at every roadside cafe throughout the country! With the story approaching its climax of confusion, mayhem and hot temper, along came Deus ex Machina just in time to resolve the whole issue! This was a classic Mowden production backed by the usual skills provided by Mr Fowlds and his musicians, Mrs Roberson and her songs, Miss Serbrosk and her team of make-up and costumers and the Gappies’ ICT skills combined with Mrs Belshaw’s artists to provide the backdrop. Mr Hampton had plenty of work to do to pull this all together in limited time and as ever the result was a resounding success. Well done Year 7.