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Public Benefit

The Trust (Reg.Charity No. 309639)  is constantly seeking new ways in which to deliver its charitable objects to a young public without regard to wealth, race, religion, social or academic status. The Cothill Trust supports a variety of organisations with which it feels a close affiliation. Those schools to which support is given educate children of a similar age to the Trust’s own schools; there is a mutual interest in the teaching and educating of the young.

Dry Sandford Primary School, Abingdon

The Trust has a long association with Dry Sandford Primary School. The pupils are regularly welcomed onto the Cothill site to share the school facilities: Art, Pottery, Carpentry and Golf, for example. A full time teacher works in class at Dry Sandford, wholly funded by the Trust; she teaches Mathematics and children with special educational needs. The pupils also benefit from the Cothill House teaching staff who provide French and Games lessons.

St Helen's Church, Dry Sandford, Oxon

Cothill Boys have worshipped here for well over a hundred years and the school continues to support St Helen's in every way possible. The Headmaster is a member of the PCC. The Trust helps with the day to day upkeep of the building, funding repairs to the fabric of the church. Our latest and most exciting development is the installation of a new Church Organ, which is for the benefit of all who worship at St Helen’s as well as the pupils from Cothill. The school chaplain is the authorised vicar conducting services at the church.

St James Church, Newton, Northumberland

For many years pupils from Mowden Hall have attended regular Sunday services at St James. The Trust keeps the Church operational for the parishioners and the visiting public as well as for the pupils at Mowden Hall.

Charitable Fundraising

Each year all schools in the Trust raise money for a variety of charities; recently these have included Seesaw, RNLI, Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, The Royal British Legion and Macmillan Cancer Support.


We offer bursaries to those families that are unable to afford the full fees but whose children would benefit from a preparatory school education.